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Spots, Dots...and the Nots?! - PDF


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Author:  Fawn Einarson

Illustrator:   Arthur Karakochuk


This is a tale of evolution. It speaks to the struggle of the Pink who is faced with intense repression from the red and white society.

The Red Spots and White Dots both agree that Pink is a Not.

When Pink rejects their label of a ʻNotʼ, Pink is able to convert the negative label into a positive self-image.

Pink is able to teach the Spots and the Dots that by rejecting others, in essence, we reject ourselves. In the end, Pink is successful in influencing the Red Spots and White Dots the to try on the colour pink...for a day.

Spots, Dots and the Nots?!

Full colour children's book,  32pp - Digital Download PDF Version

Publisher:  Hear My Heart Books Inc.