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Pet Diary



Recommended for ages 4+

Author, Fawn Einarson, has loved animals her whole life and she has learned that pets aren’t perfect. They make messes, damage things, create a lot of extra work and act annoying at times. In return, they teach us a lot. We learn about: unconditional love, forgiveness, patience, faithfulness, how to make others feel important, how to appreciate the small things in life, and that being outside in nature makes us feel great and is what really matters in life.   

The pet journal is designed to capture your pet’s habits, personality traits and idiosyncrasies. Your whole family will have fun creating this great legacy. Pets are valued family members - create, record, display and celebrate their uniqueness. This legacy will last forever and become more precious with time as you reflect upon their unconditional love and loyalty.

Pet Diary

ISBN 978-0-9811367-8-3


Journal, saddle-stitched, softcover, 20pp

Size:  8.5" x 5.5"

Publisher:  Hear my Heart Books Inc.
Author:  Fawn Einarson