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Legacy of Living Large


Author:  Fawn Einarson
Illustrator:  Ginelle Wallace

Recommended for teens

Overview:  This journal is geared toward teens living with a life-threatening disease. The story draws the main character, Cinder-Sue, through the uncertainty of illness. In the process it encourages the reader to record and write their own legacy. This is a hope-filled story that encourages positive thinking and attitudes such as “Live well what’s left” and “Live large always”.

Leading questions and activities are designed to provide guidance to the child and their family to alleviate the worry of forgetting something, or leaving an important question unanswered.  The journal is thought provoking and encourages individualism. The entire process of creating one’s legacy provides a means of continuum for the sick person and their family. 

A Legacy of Living Large: Before, During and After
ISBN: #9781412091299

Coil-bound, Softcover, B/W, 80pp

Size:  9" x 6"