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Brighter Days Ahead



This book is part of a larger research project that takes a look at how some Indigenous men look to street gangs as ways to express their notions of masculinity. By using photovoice, the reader is able to get a visual sense of what gang lifestyle is like. The photos help the men to go back in time to narrate different events in their lives. While the stories are shortened versions of the lives these men have had to endure, through these narratives we see commonalities in each of their stories. From their earliest memories to where they are today, the men featured in this book take the reader on a journey through a lifetime that many of us can only imagine and may never truly understand.

ISBN 978-0-9877251-2-7

Photovoice novel, perfect bound, softcover, 160pp

Size:  11.5" x 7.5"

Publisher:  Hear my Heart Books Inc.