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ANGIE Slideboard


Recommended for one-on-one reading only to children 6-13 years old

My Story Activity Journal available to accompany this slideboard book.

Overview:  “Angie” lives with her mom who struggles with alcoholism.  Her younger sister has gone to Foster Care.  Angie has been sexually touched by one of mom’s friends.  When Angie tells mom she isn’t believed.  What can she do?  How can Angie continue to love and protect her mom and keep herself safe? Who can she turn to for help? Can Angie handle another breach of trust?  This story portrays sexual abuse and speaks to the issue of trust.

ANGIE Slideboard 8.5" x 8.5"

ISBN #978-0-9868750-3-8 

Book, bolt-bound, softcover, 84pp

Publisher:  Hear my Heart Books Inc.

Author:  Fawn Einarson

Illustrator:  Dorina Bohnet