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Fawn E. Nielsen Recognized for Helping Children in Crisis !
Ms. Nielsen writes and publishes resources focused on prevention and solution-based recovery !
SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA, February 19, 2015, Fawn Nielsen, President of Hear My Heart Books Inc., was recently named a VIP Member of Worldwide Branding. This special distinction honors individuals who have shown exceptional commitment to achieving personal and professional success. >> READ MORE

Spots, Dots...and the Nots?!

Just read ‘Spots, Dots...and the Nots?!’
It’s friggin’ brilliant!!! Love it!
This book needs to be in schools everywhere!!!
-- Wes Funk author and host of the Saskatoon TV series Lit' Happens, which showcases Saskatchewan's literary talent.


Empower HIM book launch: 

Amazing launch last night – one of the best I have ever attended!
-- Wes Funk author and host of the Saskatoon TV series Lit' Happens, which showcases Saskatchewan's literary talent.


I've been meaning to write you a thank you note for the amazing book launch last Monday!! I'm so glad I was able to attend your dual launch. You are both amazing women with incredible stories to share. I was very touched and moved by your personal story about Tina and her brother. I totally get the name of your publishing company, I had the direct experience of hearing you speak from the heart. In turn, my heart was opened up and I felt myself listening to a part of me...I got to feel a deeper connection with myself. Thank you. Thank you. I wish you much success with your newest book Art, his Heart...and the Phlart?! and future writing and publishing ventures!! N.T.


For Art, his Heart...and the Phlart?!

Fawn has written a powerful story for children which opens up discussion about a very difficult subject, sexual abuse. This excellent resource and teaching tool is useful for all educators, counsellors or any one dealing with this ‘taboo’ subject. As a former teacher, I can attest to the fact that Einarson’s sensitive story, “Art, his Heart...and the Phlart?” engages the reader appropriately with eloquence, candor and grace and shares a powerful message of support and help for marginalized and exploited members of our society.  It is a must-read and should be in all schools and/or educational facilities to assist those who need a voice to speak up against pedophiles that prey on innocent victims. Sexual abuse needs to be stopped.  -- Marion Mutala, Retired teacher

One of the coldest facts in this world is that horrific things sometimes happen to our most vulnerable members of society: children. It takes a courageous and discerning writer to tackle difficult subject matter and present it in a way that children will understand, learn, and heal from. Saskatoon writer Fawn Einarson braves the task in her empowering illustrated book Art, his Heart … and the Phlart?!  >> READ MORE  -- Review by Shelley A. Leedahl