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Crisis Management training for professionals who work with and/or counsel children/youth living in difficult circumstances or experiencing crisis.

Empowering conversations that need to happen!
Our stories focus on social issues that affect kids, such as: violence, abandonment, living on the street, gang affiliation and even sexual abuse.
TOOLS FOR teachers, counsellors, social workers, child psychologists or anyone working with children.
Our concept of “assisted-help” gives children a voice...a way to express themselves.



BULLYING NO MORE - a resolution to the conflict of bullying
Fawn combines storytelling, meaningful dialogue and creative activities, to talk to kids about the full circle of bullying. The presentation provides a powerful antibullying message and inspires hope and encouragement to the victim, the bully and the bystanders. Kids have so much fun, they donʼt even know they are strengthening their assertiveness skills, increasing literacy and building confidence.  By understanding our thoughts, feelings and actions and how collectively these things define us, we begin to assess and address our actions when we are RED (aggressive), WHITE (passive) and we aspire to BE PINK (assertive)! Be Pink! Be yourself...always! 
 >> More Information: Bully No More Classroom Reading

This important prevention tool presents a platform to talk to children about power dynamics. Carefully crafted to teach children what they need to know to stay safe, the author broaches the subject in a sensitive, non-threatening way. Children learn how to stay safe, to listen to their ‘little voice’ inside and what to do if they feel uncomfortable or if they are approached by a stranger. Whether used in prevention or therapy, this is a MUST-READ for all children.
 >> More Information: Power of Me Classroom Reading

Empowering People Through Literature:

Unique presentations, workshops and readings which address two of the largest inhibitors to learning: crisis and literacy issues.

Fawn Einarson-Nielsen and Carey Rigby-Wilcox come together to address two areas that often inhibit learning: crisis and literacy issues.

Check out the unique presentations, workshops and readings now being offered.  >> www.empoweringliterature.ca

Keynotes by Fawn Einarson-Nielsen:


A social entrepreneur’s perspective on how to combat power dynamics that affect children, youth and adults. Fawn shares her personal story of breaking through the
darkness, the signs and symptoms of abuse and her concepts of prevention, intervention and support. 

Brave conversations for the 21st century. If your organization is looking for someone to broach difficult topics or situations because of a power imbalance - then Fawn is the
speaker for you.

Power is the dynamic behind bullying and abuse. Learn how to correct the imbalance and create a healthy, productive workplace and/or classroom.

For: Community groups/teams, leaders, event planners, community-based organizations, schools, business leaders...anyone wanting to help the community.

Objective: This is a collaborative workshop designed for community partners wishing to address specific social issues affecting their community. Participants learn how to build strong communities that connect people through solution-based ideas that benefit everyone.

To book Fawn for Keynote/Speaking presentations please contact:
Events Edge Entertainment and Speakers Bureau
Phone: 1.877.922.9333
Email: events@eventsedge.com

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Resources that shine a spotlight on
real life struggles and modern-day risks!