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Linda Wood, Illustrator

Linda Wood is the illustrator for the First Days Series. First-time author Alison Uitti's book First Days: Night Movies was recently short-listed for a Saskatchewan Book Award in Children's Literature. First Days: Wall of Tears goes to print, April, 2012.

Linda's art has appeared in two other books, It's About Time: Unpaid work and the 1996 Census by Carol Lees and Main-Dish Alternatives to Red Meat.

Linda is an avid observer of the human condition. This fuels her socio-political artwork in restorative justice issues affecting vulnerable peoples.

Previously, her wildlife art appeared on television and in several shows culminating in her own one-woman show. She has received an award for her art.

Besides painting, Linda is a PR provider, internet researcher, writer, reviewer and award-winning poet. She has instructed in art and writing and tutored in English.

She enjoys her two grown children, international news, Canadian politics, cultural events and The Arts. She is a member of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild and Past President of the Saskatoon Writers Club. Linda lives in Saskatoon.