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Jack Phalen, Author

Jack Phalen, was born and raised on a farm just outside Shaunavon, Saskatchewan by his mom Mildred. Jack’s characters are inspired by the many gophers he and his six siblings frequently saw scurrying about as children. 

As a boy, Jack always enjoyed drawing, painting and observing the prairie wildlife. He hasn’t changed much; Jack still enjoys capturing wildlife through the arts and he shares this passion with others.  Jack offers art classes to aspiring artists from 2 to 99 years old.  

Jack has worked with students from grades K to 12 for 35 years. Now in his retirement, he plans to publish a series of ‘Gilly the Gopher’ stories.

Jack lives in Prince Albert, with his wife Cheryl of 40 years. Together they raised three children: Chris, Amy and Anne. Jack and Cheryl have six grandchildren.

Jack still enjoys teaching in the classroom on a casual basis and the students enjoy hearing about Gilly’s adventures.

Books by Jack Phalen: