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Fawn Einarson, Author

Fawn resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with her family.  Fawn is a proud mother and grandmother, and a happy pet owner.  

Fawn’s home has always been a busy place resonating with the sound of children, pets and activity.  She and her husband have volunteered for various organizations, fostered children, facilitated an emergency care home, ran a daycare and hosted several international students.  The constant daily mayhem that ensues is just what Fawn needs to write! 

While facilitating an emergency care home for Social Services, Fawn realized that the kids in her care weren’t interested in reading stories about characters who were privileged beyond their understanding.  They also had trouble sitting and struggled with literacy.  Fawn would tell them stories to engage them, and through their reciprocal stories, the Crisis Management series was born.  These stories will engage children in crisis and most importantly, let them know they are never alone in their circumstances.

Books by Fawn Einarson: