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Dorina Bohnet, Illustrator

Dorina Bohnet is a graduate of the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.  She has been drawing for as long as she can remember. Fascinated by the emotion captured in graphic illustration and an avid fan and collector of all things of the comic variety, Dorina continues to frequent the aisles of comic book stores hunting for the next great graphic novel, as she's done for more than two decades.  Dorina currently resides in Regina, Saskatchewan with her husband, two young sons, and the family cat and dog.  Dorina's work portrays that emotion that she is so fascinated by.  Her characters jump off the page and invite readers into the story through expressiveness, charisma and vibrancy.  Dorina's passion to help those in crisis, is evident in her thoughtfulness and attention to detail.  Dorina's account of the world, through her artistic lens, offers amazing insights, which are woven into each story.  Both young and old are entranced by her style and genre.