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Stories that support children in crisis


TOOLS FOR teachers, counsellors, social workers, child psychologists or anyone working with children.   

Our professional focus group critiques the resources and provide feedback and guidance.  

Together we have created resources that provide a best-practice approach to those who work with children.

Our concept of “assisted-help” gives children a voice...a way to express themselves.


  • increased self-esteem
  • improved critical thinking skills
  • better literacy and communication skills
  • more empathy for others and ability to share feelings, 
  • positive interventions such as meaningful dialogue with a trusted adult
  • awareness of resources in the community
  • development of a safety plan and other practical exercises
  • ‘assisted-help’ concepts that result in better outcomes for their future

         PREVENTION                       INTERVENTION                       SUPPORT 

Empowering conversations that need to happen!

Our stories focus on social issues that affect kids, such as: violence, abandonment, living on the street, gang affiliation and even sexual abuse.

How do we do this in a sensitive non-threatening way? 

Productive dialogue—wordplay—characters with a different anatomy—interaction—engage kids in helping the characters.