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Author, Fawn Einarson

Fawn resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with her family.  She is a mother and grandmother.  Fawn’s home has always been a busy place resonating with the sound of children, pets and activity. She and her husband have volunteered for various organizations, fostered children, facilitated an emergency care home, ran a daycare and hosted several international students. The constant daily mayhem that ensues is just what Fawn needs to be inspired to write!  While facilitating an emergency care home for Social Services, Fawn realized that the kids in her care weren’t interested in reading books about characters who are privileged beyond their understanding. They also had trouble sitting and struggled with literacy. Fawn would tell them stories to engage them and from their reciprocal stories, the Social Series was inspired.

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Illustrator, Arthur Karakochuk

Arthur has been drawing for most of his life. Art has been his most useful tool to express himself. It allows him to share what he loves to do with others. Arthur received a Diploma in Traditional Animation from the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. Following that, Arthur wrote and illustrated The Bouncer, his first children’s book. Recently, he completed the new Media Communications certificate program at SIAST.

Arthur’s biggest hope is to inspire others, both young and old, to strive for and never give up on your dreams.

When Arthur isn’t in front of his drawing board he loves to spend time with his family and friends, reading, and going to the movies.


Editor, Kristine Scarrow 

Kristine is a writer and editor in Saskatoon. With a background in Psychology and Social Work, she has worked in the school system as well as in community based organizations and believes that writing can be a useful tool to help heal and grow. Born and raised on the prairies, she is thrilled to be pursuing her lifelong dream of being a writer and celebrates and encourages others pursuing their dreams. Married to a wonderful man, she is also a mother to three vibrant young children who motivate her to live life to the fullest each day. Kristine is honoured to be part of the HMHB team.


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With more than 20 years experience in digital printing and graphic arts design, their willingness to push the boundaries of creativity is evident in their design ideas and ability to maximize functionality while minimizing costs.


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