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STR8UP: Stories of Courage



STR8UP:  Stories of Courage by recovering gang members and addicts


This autobiographical workbook features the healing journeys of 29 men and women who share their personal stories of recovery. 

Some are ex-gang members, some have been incarcerated, ALL are on a healing journey.


Healing begins when you search for it and commit to work on it constantly. 

This autobiographical workbook features the healing journeys of 29 men and women who share their personal stories of recovery. Some are ex-gang members, some have been incarcerated, ALL are on a healing journey. Through healing they become responsible citizens: working, volunteering in the community, attending school, and giving back. That's the STR8 UP way.

Self-taught artists contributed artwork to this workbook. Authors told their stories honestly, and others wrote of truth through poetry. Some gave of their time, sharing their talents passionately for a common goal to help others. Rupert Ross best describes it in the foreword: "It is my belief that this book can...help people begin the long journey back to good health and sound relationships. It can also teach the rest of us about the challenges people face in that journey and the ways we can best support them as they struggle."

Sections in the workbook include: a history of residential schools, struggles with addictions and gang life, the theory behind STR8 UP, personal stories of transformation, comic strips, strategy diagrams, artwork, as well as Q & A sections and spaces for the reader to express through art, doodling or writing. This workbook is for anyone who struggles and wishes to embark upon a healing journey. 

Publisher: Hear My Heart Books Inc. 

Published: Nov 2015

ISBN 978-0-9877251-7-2

Size: 8.5 x 11 x (5/8 inch) (1.55 lbs)

Metric size/wght: (H=21.6cm x L=30cm x W=1.5cm) .700 kg

Format: Novel/Workbook, perfect bound, softcover, 256pp

Price: $40.00 (38.10 plus 1.91 (GST) = 40.01 or $40.00)



Jorgina Sunn

Amber K. K. Pelletier

Dwayne Sasakamoose

Michael Stewart

Kadane Headley

Chelsie Northwest

Shane Partridge

James Longneck

Emil Brandon

Trevor Dean Smallchild

Isabel Williams

Keith Napope

Tasha Tkachuk

Kalab Pritchard

Stacey Swampy

Chantell Adams-Thunderblanket

Brendan Jimmy

Jordan Morin

Melissa Niven

Cody Ermine

Jordan Morin

Jean-Paul Mathieu

Cheryl Taniskishayinew

Conrad G. Slippery

Jayvin Mooswa

Clayton Sanderson

Keldon Bear

Wyatt Bear

Shane Taysup




We start by acknowledging the main authors of the workbook: the men and women who are themselves

at its centre.

Founders of STR8 UP: Father André Poilièvre and Stan Tu'lnukuafe
Kimberly Roblin, Sheilagh Sobry, Tayler Steinke
Dr. Nancy Van Styvendale (Dept of English, U of S), Andréa Ledding, MA student in English
Dr. Marie Battiste from the (Dept of Educational Foundations, U of S), Willow Allen, Carmen Gillies
Amiskusees: Semaganis Worme Family Foundation and Catholic Family Services, 
Rupert Ross (Forward), Gilbert Kewistep, Fawn Nielsen, Carey Rigby-Wilcox, Kristine Scarrow,
Jorgina Sunn, and Chris Passley for their input, Shannon Morley (posterized back cover image), as well as many others who graciously contributed to this project and gave of their time to support STR8 UP and this project.

Illustrators: STR8 UP members, Dallas Poundmaker, Jordan Morin, Dennis Taniskishayinew, Arthur Karakochuk, Carey Rigby-Wilcox, Curtis Eklund, Harrison Michael, Larry Primeau, Wyatt Bear and Conrad Slippery for dedication content and artwork.

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