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STR8UP and Gangs: The Untold Stories


Who better to provide the knowledge of how to avoid gang affiliation, the tremendous price one pays for such a lifestyle and the risks and inevitable hardships associated with it than ex-gang members?  

These are the true life stories of thirteen men who have chosen to share their hearts, their pain, and their grief to reach at-risk youth before they become involved in gang life.  

This is their way to give back to their communities.  In doing so, they not only reach the youth they seek to help, but they educate the general public and empower themselves as well.  

STR8 UP and Gangs:  The Untold Stories

Size:  8.5 x 5.5

ISBN 978-0-9868-750-6-9

Graphic novel, perfect bound, softcover, 104pp

Publisher:  Hear my Heart Books Inc.

Illustrator:  Curtis Eklund

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