REGINA Launch for Hear My Heart Books

Posted April 25 2012

Hear My Heart Books launches new books in REGINA

Chapters Southland Mall, 2625 Gordon Road, Regina

Come out and support local authors and illustrators on May 4th at 7:00 pm 

Captain Ed’s Fire Safety Book teaches kids how to stay safe in case of a fire in his new children’s book with built-in fire safety plans. This is a ‘MUST DO’ family project!

Crisis Management Series’ written by Fawn Einarson and critiqued by professionals address issues such as violence, gang affiliation and sexual abuse.  These resources for teachers, counsellors and others who work with children provide a platform for dialogue and problem solving.  Our support materials such as the My Story journals make knowledge transfer easy.  NEW Independent Readers now available!

First Days’ Novellas written by EAL teacher Alison Uitti, help bridge the gap between Newcomer and First Nations children.  The stories are told through the eyes of a newcomer child who connects with our FN culture and relates to the victims of the residential schools through her own hidden trauma.

Gilly’s Dangerous World’ written by retired teacher Jack Phalen speaks to the cycle of life and demonstrates the importance of relying on the wisdom and guidance of the elder’s to survive. 

‘Legacy of Living Large’ is geared toward teens living with a life-threatening disease.  The story draws the main character through the uncertainty of illness.  In the process it encourages the reader to record and write their own legacy.  This is a hope-filled story that encourages positive thinking and attitudes such as “Live Well What’s Left” and “Live Large Always.”

Spots, Dots and the Nots?!’ written by Fawn Einarson is a social justice book which addresses prejudice and bullying and gets kids thinking about their human rights and making bold proclamations.

‘STR8UP and Gangs:  The Untold Stories’ written by 13 ex-gang members reaches at risk youth.  Who better to provide the knowledge of how to avoid gang affiliation, the tremendous price one pays for such a lifestyle and the risks and inevitable hardships associated with it than ex-gang members?  Thirteen brave men use their hearts, their pain and their grief to engage at-risk youth.  In doing so, they not only reach the youth they seek to help, but they educate the general public and empower themselves as well.

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